June 1, 2020

Worried About Handling Cash? Use Contactless Payments

Though health experts say the risk of transferring COVID-19 through banknotes is small, you may have experienced a growing number of businesses discouraging – or even refusing – cash payments. After all, a single piece of currency can be handled by tens of thousands of people during its lifetime.

Turning to your debit or credit card is a great solution. Many retailers have implemented regular sanitizing of card terminals to avoid the spread of germs through frequently touched keypads, touch screens, and stylus pens.

If you’re still concerned, it’s important to know that you have many no-touch choices available. Using any of the following contactless payment options can ease your mind and keep yourself – and others – safe.

Mobile pay

Payments are possible with the tap of your phone, eliminating the need to carry cash or a card. When using mobile pay, your debit or credit card number is replaced by a unique code for each transaction – adding an extra layer of security when you shop.

If your Fortifi Bank debit card is added to your mobile wallet, transactions appear in your account activity just as if you had swiped. For rewards checking account holders, that means they still count toward earning your monthly cash back or higher interest.

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Person-to-person (P2P) payments

P2P payments make things like paying a babysitter, splitting a check, or sending rent simpler than ever. Money can be sent instantly to friends and family – no cash or checks required.

Fortifi Bank clients with a personal checking account enjoy free access to Spin P2P, a secure system right within online banking or the Fortifi mobile app. Log in and start using this free payment service now.

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Online payments

An increasing number of retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores are offering the option to pay ahead online for delivery or in-store pickup. Visit the business’ website or mobile app to see what contactless services may be available.

Fortifi Bank continues to share news and offer resources to help consumers and businesses through this difficult time. For the latest updates, visit FortifiBank.com/covid.

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