Treasury Management

Save your business time and money.

How Can Treasury Management Help Your Business?

We know how important your role is and the need to keep things moving. Our goal is to reduce non-productive time. Fortifi Bank’s suite of Treasury Management solutions, along with our guidance, will keep your business running – not your feet.

Take back valuable time

Streamline Cash Management

Save money and waste less time on repetitive tasks with our convenient cash management solutions. Direct deposit of payroll, wire transfers, ACH transactions, and more—all without leaving your desk.

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Conveniently Process ACH & Wires

With ACH and Wire services, you can cut down on administrative tasks, taking back valuable time in your day. You can make, collect, and process payments—all without ever leaving your office!

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Automate Reconciliation & Reporting

Improve accuracy and save time spent balancing accounts—at once. At Fortifi Bank, we can automate your reconciliation and reporting process—maximizing your efficiency.

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Gain efficiencies

Remote Check Deposit

Turn paper checks into digital images and make deposits directly from your office. Reduce unnecessary trips to the bank and increase efficiency—with a Fortifi Bank EZdeposit scanner.

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Simplify Savings

Put your excess funds to work as profit generators. Simply designate a target balance, and anything in excess of that amount is automatically swept into an FDIC-insured, interest-bearing account.

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Prevent unwanted activities

Positive Pay

Prevent fraud before it happens with Fortifi Bank Positive Pay services. Every check you originate is automatically compared to a list of previously authorized checks. Arm yourself by signing up today.

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ACH Block & Filter

Have an account where ACH activity is unlikely? Use the ACH Block feature so no ACH debits post to your account or the ACH Filter feature which allows only authorized ACH debits on your account.

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Additional services

Merchant Card Services

We partner with Wind River, a Wisconsin-based, family-owned company, to provide you with everything you need to accept credit card and electronic payments.

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Municipal Services

Villages, towns, cities, counties, school districts, unions, and other municipal agencies can count on Fortifi Bank’s attention to unique financial needs.

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