Personal Savings Accounts

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Saving for the future has never been so easy.

When it comes to your personal savings, you have goals that are unique and important to you, and you need a bank that is there to help you achieve them. That’s where Fortifi Bank comes in.

Whether you are saving for college, a house, retirement, or anything else in your future, we have the right personal savings solution for you. We can help you plan for the future. Learn more below and discover the right solution for you.


Earn competitive interest on your entire balance. Our iSave account offers the organized simplicity to keep your goals on track—even set up direct deposit for an easy way to build savings.

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The rewards you earn from your  KASASA Cash® or KASASA Cash Back® checking account are automatically deposited into your KASASA Saver® account—making attaining your savings goals easier.

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Super Money Market Account

Earn competitive interest on balances of $1,500 or more and write limited checks for quick access to your funds. Plus, earn larger payouts on larger balances via our tiered rate system.

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Meeting your goals is incredibly important to us. With our fixed-rate CDs, you know your exact rate and terms ahead of time.  You can anticipate what your earnings will be to better help you plan.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

Get a head start with an IRA from Fortifi Bank. Start planning for a very relaxing future and benefit from the tax advantages that the Traditional or Roth IRAs provide.

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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

A Health Savings Account keeps you one step ahead of medical needs. Created for people with high deductible health plans, HSAs allow you to pay for current and future qualified medical expenses with greater ease.

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Christmas Club

Budget for your holiday spending with regular contributions to a Christmas Club account throughout the entire year.  Get started today to help prepare for the extra spending over the holiday season.

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Debit & Credit Cards

Enjoy increased purchasing power with a Fortifi Bank card in your pocket. Plus, enjoy the accompanying advantages that come with having one of our cards.

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Online & Mobile Banking

With free online banking and mobile banking, not only can you manage a number of banking functions, you can do it at anytime, anywhere.  Literally check balances, make transfers – even pay bills.