Loan Payments

One-time Loan Payment

  • Login to your Online Banking
  • Hover over the Transfers tab and click Loan Payments
  • Select which account you want the payment to pull from in the ‘From Account’ section
  • Select which Loan you want to make a payment on in the ‘Loan’ section
  • In the ‘When’ dropdown box select either Now, Specific Date or Recurring for when you want the payment to be made
  • Select the Type of Payment you want to make – Regular Payment, Current Amount Due, Other
  • Amount or Principal. If you choose Other Amount, enter the amount you wish to pay in the
  • Amount section
  • Add a Description if needed
  • Click Submit Payment

Recurring Payment Setup

  • Complete all steps above but choose Recurring in the ‘When’ dropdown box
  • Choose the Frequency
  • Choose the Day of Week/Month (Wording changes based on Frequency chosen)
  • Choose Beginning Date and Ending Date
  • For the Holiday section choose either Before or After. This is will allow your payment to either pull on a business day before or after a Holiday if your payment happens to land on a Holiday

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