January 30, 2017

The Story of J’s BBQ

We’re ranked one of the top barbecue restaurants in the entire state in just two and half very short years. That’s incredible and it’s flabbergasting. The sky is the limit. It chokes me up when I think about it.

Growing up in Texas, I tried a variety of brisket. I mean we tried and tried through trial and error. I feel like we nailed it so hard and hit it out of the ballpark so hard that I’ve never had a more delicious brisket than the one we make.

There’s people from all over the country that are comparing our barbecue to Georgia’s, to Louisiana’s, to South Carolina’s, to Texas, to Kansas City, to St. Louis, and 90% of them have never found a tastier brisket than J’s Barbecue brisket. That’s huge. You know what, I don’t disagree with them. It’s pretty phenomenal.

We have people that come from Chicago now, just to have our brisket. Whole briskets they’ll take back with them because they say they can’t get that in Chicago.

The long hours and the hard efforts and the blood, sweat and tears that being a business owner requires, especially the two of us being here, it’s worth every second of it. Especially after giving birth to Jaden who is nine years old now, I have never wanted to be better.

We encourage anybody that we possibly can that even has the ideas of doing something on their own. Keep putting the energy out there. Keep believing in yourself. Don’t ever underestimate the risk you’re about to take, but don’t ever be too afraid to take the risk. Unless you jump and you try, you’re never going to know. The worst thing is probably kicking yourself wondering, “What if?”

Huge thank you to Fortifi Bank for believing in us, for giving us the opportunity to pursue one of our biggest dreams and goals in life.

The biggest thank you, love, and inspiration in my heart with J’s Barbecue stems from Jadon. He supports us just as much as we support him, and we all have a really bright future that’s really exciting to look forward to.

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