June 22, 2016

The Story of Tapuat Kombucha

Owning a small business is an everyday challenge, an education, a test of wit and will, and also an exercise in freedom and creativity. I keep wanting to use the phrase “American Dream” to be able to control your own destiny or manifest your own destiny. Some days it’s miserable and terrible. Some days it’s awesome and it feels really good.

We are Tapuat Kombucha from start to finish. We make drinks that change peoples mind about what it means to be refreshed and feel good. Kombucha is the name of this crazy, one of a kind culture. It’s a bacteria and yeast balance that grows together on the surface of the ferment. It’s brewed with this culture that transforms the sugar, the tea, and the beneficial properties of those into something somewhat magical. It helps your digestion. It has probiotics. There’s things we don’t give on to make those extra dollars. We don’t take shortcuts in order to make money, so we have the BEST ingredients.

It feels really good when you drink it. It can be the the catalyst to change people on a different path. I find that happens alot when people start drinking Kombucha. They say “Oh I feel good doing this! I’m going to start changing these other things.” It’s like a gateway to healthy living.

Fortifi Bank was the only bank that looked at us. They talked to us personally. They said “We believe in what we’re doing. We believe in you. We’re going to lend you this and watch it grow.” Having that kind of communication is something I never thought was possible.

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