September 21, 2017

Helping Small Businesses Succeed

The best part about being a business banker is working with a prospective client. Seeing that idea through, and seeing the project completed, and then watching that client succeed. And over the course of a 27 year career, I’ve got some stories where folks will come back and say, “I couldn’t have done this without you.” Some people that have been very, very successful, and it’s neat as a banker to be a small part of that and feel a little sense of pride when you see a business that’s thriving and growing, and employing a hundred people in your community, and to know that you had something to do with the start up of that is really a gratifying part of this job.

When I talk to a client, I kind of look at it from an A, B, and C. You’re at A today, you want to get to B. What needs to happen for us to help you to get you to C? That’s kind of a longer term solution, but our lenders will discuss that with our executive team and our loan committees. So everybody knows where we’re headed. We’re not just trying to take care of your needs today. We’re making sure we’re all on the same page for the long term.

We’ll talk about how to put a business plan together. How to think through, what I’m planning, does it cash flow. We’ve helped start up numerous businesses. All of us have through our careers. And so, what are the things that you probably don’t know, but will affect you? And those are the things that a good banker can help a client with.

If you feel that you’re at that point where something needs to happen for you to take that next step, you should sit down with your trusted team of advisors. We hope you’re surrounded by people that are similar to us, that will be there to hear and listen. You have tough decisions to make as a business owner, and we’re there to discuss them. In my years of banking, the biggest thrills and the biggest excitement I have is helping a business achieve that next level of success. That’s why I do what I do. I enjoy celebrating that success with the business owner. Although it’s stressful, you’ve gotta know the bank’s behind you. We’re supporting it, we know nothing happens exactly as it’s planned out. Sometimes you grow quicker than you expect to. Sometimes it doesn’t come right away. But you stick to the things that have made you successful, and don’t lose track of that, and eventually it will pay off.

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