ACH Block & Filter

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Stay in control of your account.

Use the ACH Block & Filter feature to monitor any ACH debits posting to your account.  It’s an easy way to prevent unwanted ACH activity on specific accounts.

Fortifi Bank’s ACH Block & Filter Feature-at-a-Glance

  • ACH Blocks

    • Simplest of all products to use!
    • You notify Fortifi Bank that ACH debits should not be allowed on certain accounts.
    • We don’t allow any ACH debits, even those that are authorized, to post to your account.
    • Recommended for all accounts where ACH activity is not likely to be used.
  • ACH Filters

    • Provide Fortifi Bank with a list of companies authorized to debit your accounts.
    • We will filter any incoming ACH debits and allow through only those are on the list.
    • Prevent unwanted ACH activity on specific accounts.

Ready to easily monitor the ACH activity in your account?