October 17, 2022

The Story of The 300 Club

In 2020, Justin Krueger and Erika Lopez decided to take on the project of fully remodeling the 300 Club in Green Lake. Taken down to the studs, the 300 Club is now a featured attraction for the area with state-of-the-art-equipment and full arcade. This is the story of how their ambitions have helped the community’s youth, revitalized this important property, and kept Growin’ Wisconsin.

Video Transcript


Justin Krueger: In November of 2020, we noticed this was shut down and needed a considerable amount of work. Everything was pretty old.

Erika Lopez: The bones were good. But anytime you take on a project like this, you don’t really know what you’re going to find until you really start breaking it apart and trying to put it back together.

Justin Krueger: Worked out a deal with a bank. We closed by the end of December. And then in January we started almost a two million dollar renovation. Fortifi is our bank here in Wisconsin, and just wanting to have the ease of having a local bank up here. It’s been nice to be able to pick up the phone; somebody actually answers and has helped with everything we’ve asked.

Our goal of this center was not to put any profits in our pockets whatsoever. Profits that are made here go back into the community, so we take no profitability from here. So far, it’s been everything to the Boys and Girls Club.

Erika Lopez: When you see families reengaging in ways that they didn’t maybe before; when you see them having dinner, bowling, and they’re really spending that time together. But not just the families that come in here. We had the entire baseball team come in. The high school had a blast. It gave them something to do on a Friday night. And knowing they had somewhere to go and something to do, best feeling ever. We have kids. I want them to have somewhere to go. So seeing other people trust their kids to come here, it’s a good feeling.

Justin Krueger: In the last 24 months, we’ve probably invested close to $5 million in the area. Giving back to my hometown is how I see it. Being in a lucky enough position to be able to contribute anything, we’re grateful for that. And so, just giving back and hopefully changing some kids’ lives.

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