June 21, 2016

Green Lake Clean Up


“Fortifi Bank thinks it’s very important to be involved in the community. We really want to get that message out there – So a couple of us are getting together with a few local volunteers. We’re giving back to the community by doing a clean-up. We’re cleaning up the shorelines, pulling weeds in local parking lots, and just giving back to the community.”

“Being a part of Community Clean Up Day is a huge thing for Fortifi Bank. It’s very near and dear to our hearts to give back to the community. So, to be able to come out on this beautiful morning and help the town clean up a little bit and replant some plants is just a great thing for the bank, for our people, and for this community.”

“It’s just one more example on how the bank continues to give back into different communities and lives the “It takes a village to get things done” philosophy every day.”

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