June 30, 2023

Fortifi Bank’s Gina Evans Honored with the Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award

Fortifi Bank is thrilled to announce that Gina Evans, SVP of Private Banking, has been honored as the 38th recipient of the Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award by Management Women, Inc. of Green Bay. This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of professional women in the community and is a testament to the recipient’s exceptional contributions.

The Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award is presented annually to a member of Management Women, Inc. who has shown exemplary leadership and professional achievements. The award winner is chosen by a panel of non-Management Women judges​.

Management Women, Inc. is an organization committed to the self-growth and development of professional and mid- to upper-level management women. It facilitates the exchange of experiences and ideals, enhances the community image of women in management, and offers encouragement, support, and guidance to women​​.

Annette Pannier, the Awards Committee Chair of Management Women, Inc., expressed her pride in honoring Gina with the 2023 Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award, stating, “Management Women is proud to honor Gina with the 2023 Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award. Gina’s dedication and commitment to our organization over the last 20 years and her selflessness in giving her time and talents to many organizations in our community truly exemplify the mission of Management Women, Inc. Her leadership, mentoring, and support to so many for so many years have been an inspiration to us all.”

Gina’s energy, enthusiasm, and skills have made a significant impact on numerous people and organizations throughout our communities. Steve Arps, the COO of Fortifi Bank, stated, “We were excited that Gina’s longstanding commitment to volunteerism and leadership was recognized by this prestigious award. We’re very proud of Gina and thankful that her efforts support the important purpose of Management Women, Inc. in our community.”

Greg Lundberg, the CEO of Fortifi Bank, added, “Seeing Gina grow over the years of working together has been a great privilege. Her dedication and commitment to excellence embody the spirit of the Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award. We are immensely proud to have her as part of our team.”


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