October 20, 2023

Fortifi Bank’s Cheese Contest Winner!

Wisconsin is renowned for its cheese, and at Fortifi Bank, we celebrated the spirit of cheese lovers with a fun contest that had cheese enthusiasts across the state on the edge of their seats. After weeks of excitement and anticipation, we are delighted to announce the winner of the Fortifi Bank Cheese Contest:

Jill M. from Ripon!


Jill is taking home a grand prize of a $500 Gift Card for Webster’s Marketplace in Ripon and some delicious bags of cheese curds!


How did the contest work? The Great 2023 Cheese Sweepstakes was a unique and exciting promotion to give back to the community’s that we live and work in! Every time someone swiped their Fortifi Bank debit card between July-September, they gained an entry to the sweepstakes. The more they swiped, the more entries they had, increasing their chances of winning this incredible cheese lover’s dream prize.


Stay tuned for more exciting promotions and contests from Fortifi Bank, where every swipe can lead to unexpected and delightful surprises. Remember, you never know when your next swipe might just be the ticket to winning big!


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