July 28, 2023

Fortifi Bank donates 1,000+ school supplies to Boys and Girls Club of the Tri-County Area

At Fortifi Bank, we believe in the power of community and the importance of education. That’s why this year, we eagerly participated in the heartwarming community outreach program, Operation Backpack, presented by the Boys & Girls Club of the Tri-County Area. The initiative aimed to provide essential school supplies to over 500 children as they prepare to embark on a new school year, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed.

Equipping Young Learners

Operation Backpack, an invaluable program run by the Boys & Girls Club of the Tri-County Area, focuses on empowering young learners. We were thrilled to be part of this meaningful mission, as each child received a thoughtfully prepared backpack, filled with grade-specific supplies tailored to their educational needs.

The success of this year’s drive exceeded all expectations, thanks to the dedication of our employees, clients, and fellow businesses in the Battle of the Businesses. Through our combined efforts, a grand total of over 2,200 items of school supplies were collected. Our branch in Berlin played a particularly significant role, donating an impressive 723 school supplies. The impact of our collaboration extended across all branches, touching the lives of children in need, and bringing the grand total collected by Fortifi to 1,083.

“Our commitment to education and empowering our community has always been at the heart of Fortifi Bank,” said Greg Lun

dberg, President & CEO of Fortifi Bank. “Witnessing the impact of over 2,200 school supplies donated to Operation Backpack truly exemplifies the caring spirit of Growin’ Wisconsin. It is heartwarming to know that together we are making a difference in the lives of children, providing them with the tools they need to succeed. We remain steadfast in our dedication to supporting education and empowering our community.”


Celebrating Together

As a token of appreciation for winning the Battle of the Businesses, the Boys & Girls Club of the Tri-County Area treated Fortifi Bank’s    Berlin campus to a pizza party!

The impact of Operation Backpack goes beyond the numbers—it leaves a lasting impression in the lives of young learners, that their community cares about their success. As the school year commences, we are proud to know that our efforts have touched the lives of countless children, providing them with the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

Thank you to everyone involved for their donations. Together, we have made a significant difference in the lives of these young learners, nurturing their dreams, and providing them with the tools they need for a successful school year!