About Our Bank

Fortifi Bank – Growin’ Wisconsin since 1876.


Why should you choose Fortifi Bank?

It’s simple – because we make banking easy and understandable with your future in mind.
That means we’re not just transacting on your behalf, we care about the why and how.

Fortifi Bank, formerly 1st National, has been banking with folks just like you for more than 140 years. That means we have been in business since 1876 (wow). Over time, the economic landscape changes, but one thing stays the same – people need financial security to build their dreams upon.

A community bank, like us, helps fuel progress in the neighborhoods where you live and work. Your money turns into loans for individuals and small businesses that you know. Now that’s sharing the love.

Whether it is your first checking account, a new home, a retirement fund, a refinance package, or even starting your own business, we have a team of experts waiting to guide you through any process. They regularly develop resources through GrowinWisconsin.org to aid your understanding of important financial topics and welcome your questions when you’re ready.

We believe in giving you the best access to your information. If you have a phone, you have your banking in your pocket. Online and mobile banking are just the start. Our clients enjoy the ease of access with mobile deposit and Bill Pay—all from the palm of their hand.

Together, we give over 7,000 community volunteer hours each year. We are committed to Growin’ Wisconsin through philanthropic efforts, hard work, and commitment to bettering the economic conditions of Wisconsin.

Choosing a bank can be confusing. You have options in the marketplace. Choosing Fortifi Bank means you are choosing a team that cares about you at an individual level, helping you succeed.