May 18, 2017

1st National Bank Reaches Over 1,500 Wisconsin Students During Teach Children to Save Month

1st National Bank of Berlin’s financial literacy team spent the month of April teaching children smart money habits – visiting 19 elementary schools, giving 58 presentations, and reaching a total of 1,631 Wisconsin students.

“Teach Children to Save is a nationwide campaign coordinated by the American Bankers Foundation”, said Amy Vetrone, 1st National Bank’s financial literacy coordinator. “Though 1st National offers financial education programs all throughout the year, April is our busiest time.”

The team’s interactive and engaging presentations cover vital financial topics that are often not found in elementary school curriculums, such as spending wisely, saving for the future, and identifying needs versus wants.

“Building healthy habits early in life can help contribute to a lifetime of financial stability”, said Vetrone. “As a community bank, 1st National Bank sees it as our responsibility to help build those skills and set children on a path for success.”

In 2016, Vetrone earned the Financial Literacy Banker of the Year award from the Wisconsin Banking Association, which recognizes individuals who devote unparalleled time and effort to improving financial literacy in Wisconsin communities.

“Financial literacy is possessing the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions with your finances”, said Vetrone. “Our goal is to help children, adults, business owners, and community members increase their financial knowledge so they can achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves.”

1st National Bank’s financial literacy team educates community members of all ages about various financial topics including family budgeting, financing higher education, and senior financial abuse. Programs are offered at schools, senior centers, and other community settings. To learn more, contact or 855-876-1500.


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