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Easy-to-Use Banking Services to Make Your Life Easier

Life is busy. We believe banking should be easy, understandable, and work with your life—not against it. That’s why we have tools to help make managing your finances faster and more convenient.

eServices give you 24/7 access to your accounts. In a few clicks or taps you can deposit checks, pay bills, and turn off that debit card that is mysteriously missing from the usual place in your wallet (and then turn it back on when you find it in that hard-to-reach area between car seats).

Best of all, eServices are included with your Fortifi banking experience—giving you more value, more convenience, and more time for the things that matter most.

Online Banking

Manage your banking functions when it’s convenient for you—anywhere you have internet access. Online Banking gives you 24/7 access to check balances, make transfers, pay bills, and more—all with securely encrypted technology.

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Mobile Banking

Banking in the palm of your hand. With free mobile banking, not only can you manage a number of banking functions, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Bank from the convenience of your mobile device—24/7.

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Bill Pay

Paying your bills just got easier. No more checks to rip, envelopes to lick, or stamps to buy. Use Bill Pay to make one-time or recurring payments, or even schedule payments in advance. Available within online and mobile banking.

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Nothing kills the excitement of a new checking account than waiting 10 days to get your debit card! Fortifi is proud to offer clients instant issue, chip-enabled cards ready for use before you even leave the bank. If you ever lose your card, rest assured you can stop in your nearest branch and be ready to swipe at your favorite coffee shop within minutes.


Like paper statements, eStatements provide a monthly record of your transactions. Unlike paper statements, eStatements are available online 24/7 via online or mobile banking. No waiting on the mail or digging through piles of paper to unearth a past statement!

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Mobile Deposit

Don’t want to go all the way to the bank to deposit that check? You don’t have to! Using the mobile banking app, you’re just a few seconds away from making your deposit of checks up to $2,500.

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Card On/Off

Have you ever reached into your wallet for your debit card only to discover it is not in its usual place? You need peace of mind that your account is safe—and fast. That’s where your card manager comes in. Using online or mobile banking, you can turn your cards off in moments with a quick click or tap. Once your card is located, simply turn it back on again.

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Spin P2P Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a payee?
Log in to your online or mobile banking application, choose Menu>Move Money>My Payees and select the + symbol to add a new payee.

Who can I send a payment to?
We recommend you only use Spin P2P with people you know. Do not use it to purchase things from individuals you have never met in person.

How does the recipient know I sent a payment?
Based on your selection, they will receive an email or text message stating you sent a payment.

Do I have to send an invitation, or can I just send a payment?
You do not have to send an invitation and can proceed to just sending a payment. However, if it is their first-time receiving money without previously getting an invitation, they will have to enter their debit card details at that time.

What does the recipient have to do to accept the payment?
If this is their first invitation or payment, they will have to enter their debit card details into the application. After receiving money, any additional payments will automatically transmit.

Is it safe to enter debit card information?
Yes, entering your debit card information is as safe as shopping online. Spin P2P uses data encryption to protect users against unauthorized transactions.

Can the recipient place the funds on a credit card, or does it have to be a debit card?
Spin P2P can only be used with a debit card that is tied to an active checking account.

Will I know if the recipient has accepted the payment?
You will not receive a notification of acceptance. If the money was not accepted, the amount will be deposited back into your account after 3-days.

How long does the recipient have to accept my request and/or payment?
The invitation and/or payment alert will expire after 3-days.

What is my daily/weekly spending limits?
Your daily limit is $3,000 and the rolling 7-day limit is $5,000. An increase or decrease to your limit amount can be arranged with bank manager approval.

Who has access to send money?
Any Fortifi Bank checking account holder with a linked debit card.

Can I request money from someone?
Not at this time, however, stay tuned for future enhancements.

When does the money clear my account?
You will see a pending transaction for the payment amount in your account immediately upon sending.

What happens if the money I sent is not accepted?
It will be returned to your account in 3-days.

What happens if the money I sent is not accepted?
Since payments are processed in real time, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to retrieve funds sent to a wrong phone number or email address. Contact us immediately if you have sent a payment in error. In addition, remove the wrong contact information from your Payees immediately.

For other questions, please contact our Client Care Specialists at 855.876.1500 or