Debit Cards

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Access your money, anytime, anywhere.

For being so small, your free MasterCard® debit card sure can do a lot. This card grants you 24/7 access to your account, the ability to make purchases around the globe, and even allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs with a single swipe. Plus, an up-to-date record of all of your transactions is automatically recorded and can be found on your online account, making sure you always know the state of your funds.

The best part? All of these great features and flexibility comes to you with no monthly fee or interest owed. Just another way we can help you grow.


Instant Issue Debit Cards

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Turn Debit Card On & Off

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Debit Cards at-a-Glance

Free with any Fortifi Bank checking account

  • Convenient access to your account balance 

Make purchases anytime, virtually anywhere

  • Safer than carrying cash, more universally-accepted than checks
  • Use to withdraw cash from ATMs with single a swipe
  • Use your debit card with the simple tap of your phone. Learn about the safety and convenience of Mobile Pay.

Easily replaced if lost or stolen

Lost or Stolen Cards

  • If your Debit Card is lost or stolen, please call 855-876-1500. (Your debit card is connected to your checking account.)
  • If your Credit Card is lost or stolen, please call the 24-Hour Card Member Service.
    • For a consumer (personal) credit card, call 800.558.3434.
    • For a business credit card, call 866.552.8855.

No additional charges or interest owed

  • Purchases or ATM withdrawals are automatically deducted from your account balance
  • No interest charged for using your own money

Ready for anytime-access to your money?