January 24, 2018

The Story of Jenerate Wellness

I guess it just started with a dream, actually. I was overweight and unhealthy, and in a job that I wasn’t exactly happy with. I just wasn’t fully satisfied, and felt like I wasn’t living my passion. I decided to start with myself, and a piece of that was losing weight. So I started eating healthier, and changing up some different things with my diet, and over the course of about a year or so, I lost about 125 pounds. Through that journey, a lot of other people around me wanted to know what I was doing, and I was meeting them at the local health food store, helping them read labels on food, and just answering questions that I could. I started dreaming and thinking about how I could turn this into a business.

My name is Jen Rudis, and I’m the owner of Jenerate Wellness, in Waunakee, Wisconsin. I wanted to create this place where people could go and find the right vitamins, and find some healthier options for food, but also create a place for people to detoxify their body from the inside out. There are a lot of pieces of Jenerate Wellness, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle, the infrared saunas. An infrared heat is unique because it’s an invisible wavelength that the body recognizes as heat, and it penetrates into your skin and muscle tissue, looking for arthritis aches and pains and inflammation to draw it out through your skin through sweating.

I know how I feel when I get out of my infrared sauna, and I wanted to create that for other people. I wanted other people to feel how amazing that feels. And the tea bar, which was essential in my own personal health, I replaced some of my own bad habits, like eating and snacking. And instead of going to the vending machine, I started drinking tea, and it just became a new, healthy habit.

When people have tears in their eyes, and sit in my office and have lost over 100 pounds and said I’ve changed their entire life, and their spouse has lost weight, and they’ve influenced their family to get healthier, that’s pretty awesome.

I was looking for a bank that wasn’t going to turn me away if I didn’t check all the boxes. And a friend of mine had recommended I speak with Fortifi Bank, because they were a great place that wanted to work with entrepreneurs, and were willing to listen to a unique business model, and help people grow and help the community grow. When I met with Dave at the bank that day, I wanted to make sure that we would be able to create a relationship and I got the sense right away that I was definitely in a good place and was gonna have the security that I was looking for.

I knew I couldn’t go into this venture thinking that it wouldn’t work, because if you put that into your mind, you’re almost kind of setting yourself up for failure. I mean yeah, there have been plenty of times where you want to walk away or it’s difficult, but if you just have in your head, this is going to work, I’m going to keep moving forward, keep moving forward, that I can honestly say I’ve never worried financially that I was going to be in trouble, because I knew I was just going to keep working harder and harder and that’s what it’s been from day one, just don’t look back. It’s important to me, because it’s everything to me. And it’s something that I built myself, and I want to continue to build it, continue to grow it. Every decision I make every day revolves around Jenerate Wellness.

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